maintenance steel frame building

Maintenance Steel Frame Building for Turbo Vacuumentation Ltd

CustomerTurbo Vacuumentation Ltd
Building UsageMaintenance Building
LocationGoole, Yorkshire
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design Team
what we did...

Midbrook Steel Buildings was approached by Turbo Vacuumentation Ltd, a commercial company based in Goole, Yorkshire, that required a new maintenance building. The project involved the construction of a bespoke steel structure to house processing equipment supplied by Turbo Vacuumentation Ltd for use at distribution centres.

Structural Steelwork and Cladding

Midbrook Steel Buildings was contracted to provide the structural steelwork and cladding package for the maintenance steel frame building. The design and construction of the steel frame were customised to meet the specific requirements of Turbo Vacuumentation Ltd. This involved ensuring proper support for the processing equipment and creating a functional and efficient space for maintenance activities.

Efficient Project Execution

As this was one of our smaller projects, we efficiently completed the erection of the maintenance building in just two days. The skilled and dedicated Midbrook team successfully managed to fit this job into their schedule alongside other ongoing projects, demonstrating their ability to deliver results promptly and meet client expectations.

Customer Satisfaction

Turbo Vacuumentation Ltd expressed satisfaction with the completed maintenance steel framed building. Midbrook’s expertise in steel frame construction and attention to detail resulted in a high-quality structure that met the client’s specific needs. The efficient execution of the steel building project showcased Midbrook’s commitment to providing reliable and tailored solutions to their clients.


Midbrook Steel Buildings successfully completed a maintenance building project for Turbo Vacuumentation Ltd in Goole, Yorkshire. The bespoke steel structure, constructed with precision steelwork and cladding, was designed to accommodate the processing equipment provided by the client. This case study highlights Midbrook’s expertise in providing customised steel frame building solutions and our commitment to customer satisfaction.

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