Machinery Storage Facility Steel Building

Machinery Storage Facility Steel Building

CustomerBespoke Ynys Mon Ltd
Building UsageGround-Staff Storage and Welfare facility
ClientPlas Coch Holiday Parks
LocationAnglesey, North Wales
what we did...

Bespoke Ynys Mon Ltd, a prominent leisure sector company, sought the expertise of Midbrook Steel Buildings to undertake a significant steel frame building project. The objective was to create a ground-staff storage and welfare facility catering to the unique needs of Plas Coch Holiday Parks, located in the picturesque Anglesey, North Wales. Recognising Midbrook’s reputation for delivering high-quality steel structures, Bespoke Ynys Mon Ltd entrusted them with the responsibility of bringing their vision to life.


Midbrook Steel Buildings delivered a perfect solution for Bespoke Ynys Mon Ltd’s ground-staff storage and welfare facility. Understanding the client’s needs, Midbrook offered an insulated steel framed building that surpassed expectations. The choice of an insulated steel frame not only ensured the durability and robustness required for machinery storage but also provided an optimal environment for the welfare area. Midbrook Steel Buildings’ expertise in designing and constructing steel-framed structures shone through in this steel building project, creating a functional and efficient facility that perfectly met the requirements of Bespoke Ynys Mon Ltd.


  • Robust and durable steel frame construction
  • Insulated panels for energy efficiency
  • Customised design for optimised storage and access
  • Compliance with safety regulations


Through a comprehensive process of consultation, planning, design, engineering, manufacturing, construction and finishing, Midbrook Steel Buildings successfully delivered a customised machinery storage facility and welfare area for Bespoke Ynys Mon Ltd. The collaborative approach, attention to detail and adherence to quality standards ensured a smooth handover, contributing to the efficient operation of Plas Coch Holiday Parks.

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