Lubet Engineering – Industrial Steel Building Solutions

CustomerLubet Engineering
Building UsageCardboard Waste Building & Ramp Canopy & Battery Charging Building
ClientPerkins Engines
Architect/ProjectLubet Engineering
what we did...

Project Overview

Midbrook Steel Buildings was contracted by Lubet Engineering to develop and construct bespoke steel structures for Perkins Engines. The project encompassed the design and implementation of a canopy-style steel building, a waste storage steel-framed building, and a battery charging steel building.



Our primary objectives were:

Our Approach

Our approach was methodical and precise, focusing on quality and safety. The following steps were crucial to the project’s success:

1. Design and Planning

  • Collaborated with Lubet Engineering and Perkins Engines to understand the detailed requirements.
  • Developed bespoke designs for the canopy-style building, waste storage building, and battery charging building.

2. Groundwork and Brickwork

  • Executed comprehensive groundwork to provide a stable foundation for the steel frame buildings.
  • Incorporated high-quality brickwork, ensuring durability and aesthetic alignment with existing infrastructure.

3. Steel Building Construction

  • Utilised top-grade steel for constructing the frames and canopy, guaranteeing longevity and resilience against industrial wear and tear.
  • Implemented efficient building techniques to expedite the construction process without compromising on quality.

4. Health and Safety Compliance

  • Adhered strictly to the health and safety regulations on-site.
  • Conducted regular safety audits and ensured all personnel were compliant with safety protocols.


The steel frame building project was successfully completed within the set timeframes. The delivered steel buildings met all specified requirements, providing Perkins Engines with robust facilities for cardboard waste storage, a protective ramp canopy, and a dedicated battery charging area.



Midbrook Steel Buildings demonstrated expertise and reliability in delivering complex industrial steel building solutions. The successful completion of the project for Lubet Engineering and Perkins Engines underscores our commitment to quality, safety, and client satisfaction.