Steel industrial units

New Industrial Steel Building for Construction Company in Wales

CustomerE W Griffiths C Y F
Building UsageIndustrial Units
LocationGwynedd, Wales
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
what we did...

Project Overview

Midbrook Steel Buildings was selected to design and construct a bespoke industrial steel building for E W Griffiths C Y F in Wales. The steel-framed building project aimed to provide a durable and functional space tailored to the specific operational needs of the construction company.


Scope of Work

We undertook the design, supply, and installation of a duo-pitch portal frame with insulated cladding. Key specifications included:

  • Dimensions: 17m x 48m x 5.5m eaves
  • Roof: 115mm KS1000 RW Merlin Grey
  • Walls: 80mm KS1000 RW Merlin Grey
  • Flashings: Anthracite
  • Insulated Rooflights
  • Roof Pitch: 10 degrees
  • Gutters and Downpipes: Trimline, Anthracite

While windows and doors were supplied separately, we expertly prepared eight window and roller door openings to seamlessly integrate the client’s specifications.

Steel-Framed Building Features

Duo-Pitch Portal Frame

Renowned for its strength and versatility, the duo-pitch portal frame offers robust support for heavy loads, making it ideal for diverse industrial applications.

Insulated Cladding

Our KS1000 RW Merlin Grey cladding not only enhances aesthetics but also ensures energy efficiency and sound insulation, meeting modern standards of durability and thermal performance.

Rooflights and Gutter System

Insulated rooflights flood the interior with natural light, optimising workspace illumination. The Trimline gutter system efficiently manages water, safeguarding the building against potential damage.

Client Collaboration

Our partnership with the client, whom we previously assisted in constructing eight industrial units, has been exceptionally rewarding. This new steel building project expands their facilities with a building housing five additional units, demonstrating our commitment to meeting and exceeding their exacting standards.



  • Completion: The steel-framed building project was completed on time and within budget.
  • Client Satisfaction: E W Griffiths Construction expressed high satisfaction with the quality of the building and its suitability for their operations.
  • Functionality: The new industrial steel building provided E W Griffiths Construction with a durable, efficient, and compliant space that enhanced their operational capabilities.


The successful completion of this industrial steel building project for E W Griffiths Construction Company in Nefyn, Wales, showcases Midbrook Steel Buildings’ ability to deliver customised, high-quality steel structures tailored to specific client needs. Our expertise in design, material selection, and construction, combined with effective project management, ensures we can meet the demanding requirements of industrial clients.

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