Willow Direct - Mezz Floor Case Study
CUSTOMER Willow Direct
SECTOR Wholesale
USAGE Product Storage
LOCATION Derbyshire


Willow Direct is a repeat client of ours. As a basketware wholesaler, they had been experiencing rapid growth in their business and once again needed additional space to accommodate their expanding inventory. Having worked with our mezzanine floor specialist team before, Willow Direct knew they could count on us to design and install a mezzanine floor to increase their storage capacity.

Given our previous experience working together, we had a good understanding of Willow Direct’s business and requirements. After assessing the available space, we recommended a mezzanine floor design that would provide additional storage space while still allowing for the company’s day-to-day operations. The design included a staircase, handrails and a pallet gate for easy access.

As a repeat client, Midbrook was well-versed in Willow Direct’s business needs and was able to commence construction promptly. The team worked quickly and efficiently to ensure that the project was completed within the given timeframe of 2-3 weeks. They also worked closely with Willow Direct to minimise any disruptions to their daily operations.

The installation process was carried out with precision and attention to detail. The team ensured that all safety standards were met during the installation process.

The new mezzanine floor provided Willow Direct with the additional space they needed to accommodate their expanding inventory. The company was able to store more products, which ultimately led to an increase in sales. The installation of the mezzanine floor also allowed for the optimisation of the available space, which improved the company’s overall efficiency.