Groundworks and Steel-Framed Building for Expanding Sheffield Logistics Company

At Midbrook Steel Buildings, we’re thrilled to share the successful completion of a comprehensive groundworks, steelwork, and cladding package for an expanding logistics company in Sheffield. Selected for our expertise in steel frame buildings, our reputation precedes us, having delivered a similar steel framed building for a friend of our client.

Proven Excellence: Trusted for Steel Framed Building Projects

We were delighted to be recommended for this steel framed building project, emphasising our track record of excellence. With diligent attention to detail, we obtained planning permission for our client and ensured compliance with all conditions outlined on the planning consent.

Navigating Challenges: Meeting Local Authority Requirements

While every steel-framed building project has its challenges, we faced them head-on during some lengthy discussions to satisfy the local authority. Our commitment to client satisfaction and adherence to regulations ensured smooth progress despite the hurdles.

Timely Completion: Handing Over Before Christmas Break

Commencing work in September, our dedicated team wasted no time in tackling the groundworks, steelwork, and cladding tasks. Thanks to our efficient processes and dedication, we completed and handed over the steel-framed building project well before the Christmas break, meeting our client’s expectations with flying colours.

“We take immense pride in delivering high-quality steel frame buildings tailored to our clients’ needs,” said Simon Moore, Director at Midbrook Steel Buildings. “Completing this project on time and to the highest standards is a testament to our expertise and commitment to excellence.”

Continued Commitment: Building Futures with Steel

This steel building project is another milestone in our journey of crafting bespoke steel-framed buildings that stand the test of time. At Midbrook Steel Buildings, we remain dedicated to providing superior solutions for businesses looking to expand their infrastructure with confidence.

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