cold rolled steel buildings

Expand your Business with a new Steel Building

For many businesses there has never been a better time to get thinking about expanding with a new steel building. The increased demand for storage and fulfilment space for a whole raft of businesses reflects not only a shift in the way we, as a society shop and consume and is unlikely to be reversed in the near future. Increasingly our shopping is done online and in addition more emphasis has been placed on home improvement projects leading, even to shortages in timber because of how many sheds are being built and cardboard owing to the volume of online orders. All of this comes together to mean that many businesses involved in online fulfilment and, of course, warehousing are looking for the best way to create more space.

This is where steel buildings come into their own. One of the major attractions of a steel framed building is that it can be erected swiftly and without major disruption, so should you be opting for an expansion of your business on your existing premises you will be able to go about your daily work with minimal and short term disruption. Steel makes for an excellent choice for construction as it weighs far less than wood, making a huge difference when it comes to the potentially awkward I-beams. This concerns you as it reduces labour and shipping costs as well as completion times. Most of the work in constructing the components for a steel building is carried out off-site, meaning that your carbon footprint is dramatically reduced and there is a further green boost as steel is almost 100% recyclable. As the need for environmental consideration is now and will only be more important going forward you will boost your green profile by going for steel. As we write there is even a nationwide subsidy for collecting steel construction waste at zero cost.

Steel buildings are cheap to maintain and offer unparalleled environmental protection – both in terms of weather events and pests. The cost to heat and cool steel framed buildings is much lower than for other kinds of buildings and this will manifest in reduced energy bills. Because of these factors as well as the better protection from fires, insurance companies often consider lower premiums for these buildings. When considering an expansion it is often tricky to gauge the scale of growth you will need to fulfil future demand. It can also be tough to decide on the optimal layout – with operational process highlighting some areas of improvement. With steel buildings you will benefit from unrivalled flexibility for future change as steel buildings are bolted together and adapting them going forward is far easier than with other kinds of constructions.

It is no coincidence that steel has become the go to material for most industrial expansions, as well as community projects like sports halls and some school buildings. In summary you won’t find a more cost effective, flexible, and environmentally sound way to expand your business than with a steel building.