ESL Fuels’ Robust Storage Steel Building Facility by Midbrook Steel Buildings

CustomerESL Fuels Limited
SectorOil & Gas
Building UsageStorage Facility
ClientESL Fuels Limited
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design & Build
what we did...

ESL Fuels Limited, a prominent player in the Oil & Gas sector, approached Midbrook Design & Build with a requirement for a sturdy storage steel building facility. Midbrook Steel Buildings took on the challenge to construct a reinforced raft foundation and provide a robust steel building tailored to ESL Fuels’ needs.

Project Overview

The project entailed the construction of a reliable storage facility, with specific dimensions of 8m x 15m x 4.3m to the eaves. This steel framed building was designed to meet ESL Fuels’ storage requirements while ensuring durability and functionality. It included essential features such as a roller shutter door and a personnel door for convenient access.

Challenges Faced

One of the primary challenges was to ensure the structural integrity of the steel building while accommodating ESL Fuels’ storage needs. Additionally, adhering to strict timelines and maintaining quality standards were crucial aspects of the project.

Solution Provided

The team here at Midbrook Steel Buildings leveraged our expertise in steel construction to deliver a tailored solution for ESL Fuels. By utilising high-quality materials and precision engineering, we constructed a reinforced raft foundation to provide a stable base for the storage facility. The building itself was meticulously designed to withstand harsh environmental conditions typical in the Oil & Gas industry.

Benefits Delivered

1. Durability: The use of steel ensured longevity and resilience against environmental factors, providing ESL Fuels with a reliable storage solution.
2. Customisation: The facility was tailored to ESL Fuels’ specifications, meeting their exact requirements for size and functionality.
3. Cost-effectiveness: Steel construction offered a cost-effective solution compared to traditional building materials, without compromising on quality or durability.
4. Timely Delivery: Midbrook Steel Buildings completed the steel building project within the specified timeline, ensuring minimal disruption to ESL Fuels’ operations.


Through effective collaboration and meticulous planning, Midbrook Steel Buildings successfully delivered a robust storage facility that met ESL Fuels’ needs. The use of steel construction not only provided durability and customisation but also ensured cost-effectiveness and timely delivery. This project highlights our commitment to excellence in the construction of steel buildings tailored to the unique requirements of their clients in the Oil & Gas sector.