Equestrian Steel Framed-Building in Amersham

Building UsageStorage & Offices
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
what we did...

In Amersham, a new steel-framed building took shape to meet the needs of the equestrian community. Midbrook Steel Buildings led the steel building project, aiming to create a space that combined storage and office areas effectively. Tasked with erecting a steel-framed building, Midbrook Steel Buildings stepped in to transform the vision into reality.


The steel-framed building needed to withstand daily use while providing ample space for both human and equine activities. It needed to be tough enough to store equipment while also providing comfortable office space.


The team at Midbrook rose to the occasion, offering a comprehensive solution encompassing every construction aspect. From the initial design phase to the final touches, meticulous attention was paid to every detail. The decision to opt for a steel-framed building ensured unmatched strength and durability, essential for housing valuable equipment and accommodating the needs of equestrian enthusiasts.


Midbrook Steel Buildings managed the construction, handling everything from the steel framework to the cladding and doors. Their careful planning and work ensured the building was strong and functional.


Once finished, the equestrian steel building stood as a reliable hub for the community. It offered a practical space for both work and storage, thanks to its sturdy steel frame. Owners and users could trust in its durability for years to come.


In Amersham, the new steel building became a symbol of practicality and durability. Midbrook Steel Buildings created a space that met the diverse needs of the equestrian community. As the building stands proudly in the landscape, it represents a successful collaboration and a commitment to quality construction.