Double Decker Bus Storage Steel Building by Midbrook Steel Buildings

CustomerVictor & Sarah Crew
Building UsageDouble Decker Bus Storage Building
Architect/ProjectClient Design/Midbrook Build
what we did...

At Midbrook Steel Buildings, we take great pride in delivering exceptional steel building solutions for various needs and industries. Recently, we had the pleasure of working with Victor and Sarah Crew on an exciting project – a custom Double Decker Bus Storage Building. In this case study, we want to share the details of this unique undertaking and showcase the dedication and craftsmanship that went into its creation.

The Vision

When Victor and Sarah Crew approached us, they had a clear vision in mind – an American barn-style construction with a steel portal frame design, complemented by brickwork, larch wood cladding and a tiled roof. The challenge was to bring this vision to life while ensuring the functionality and durability of the structure.

A Bespoke Design Steel Building Project

From the onset, it was evident that this was no ordinary steel building project. The attention to detail required to create a double-decker bus storage facility demanded precise planning and meticulous execution. Our team of skilled architects and engineers worked closely with the Crews to refine their design and tailor it to their specific needs.

Craftsmanship and Quality

At Midbrook Steel Buildings, we understand that the success of any steel building project lies in the quality of materials and workmanship. For this unique bus storage building, we carefully selected premium-grade steel components to form the portal frame, providing the strength and stability needed for a structure of this scale. The choice of brickwork added a touch of elegance, while the larch wood cladding lent a natural charm to the building’s exterior.

Meeting the Challenge

One of the primary challenges in this project was accommodating the height requirements for double-decker buses. Our team took this challenge head-on, ensuring that the building’s dimensions and layout allowed for easy access and safe storage of these large vehicles.

A Sustainable Solution

As an environmentally-conscious company, we always strive to incorporate sustainable elements into our designs whenever possible. For this project, the larch wood cladding not only enhanced the building’s aesthetics but also provided a sustainable and renewable building material, in line with our commitment to eco-friendly construction practices.

Customer Satisfaction

Throughout the construction process, communication with Victor and Sarah Crew remained open and transparent. We took their feedback seriously, making sure that the final result matched their expectations. Witnessing the delight on their faces when we handed over the completed double-decker bus storage building was truly rewarding.


The Double Decker Bus Storage Steel Building for Victor and Sarah Crew was a project that allowed us to showcase our expertise in custom steel building solutions. From its American barn-style design to the larch wood cladding, every detail was meticulously crafted to deliver both form and function. At Midbrook Steel Buildings, we take pride in contributing to our customer’s success by delivering exceptional steel buildings tailored to their needs.

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