steel framed building in between two commercial buildings

Appliance Company Maximise Storage Space with a New Steel Framed Building

Long Eaton Appliance Company Ltd, a growing company specialising in home appliances, was in need of more storage space to accommodate their expanding business. We were delighted when they decided to partner with Midbrook Steel Buildings, proud leading providers of steel framed buildings, to design and construct a new storage solution.


The challenge was to find the most efficient use of the space between Long Eaton’s two existing buildings. Midbrook’s team rose to the occasion and designed a new two-story steel building that filled the gap between the front-of-house building and the warehouse. The team provided not only the steelwork, but also the groundworks, cladding, and drainage for the project.

The relationship between Midbrook and Long Eaton’s principal contractor was a key factor in ensuring a smooth and efficient construction process. Midbrook’s team worked closely with the contractor to ensure that every detail was taken care of and that the project was completed on time and within budget.

The new storage solution created by Midbrook’s team will enable Long Eaton Appliance Company to carry a wider range of stock, benefiting both the company and its customers. With the ability to store more products, Long Eaton can offer a greater selection of appliances, leading to increased customer satisfaction and ultimately, business growth.


Is Your Business Short Of Space?

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