Commercial Steel Building for the Transportation Sector

CustomerMarks Specialised Transport
Building UsageOffices & Vehicle Repairs
ClientEnd user
Architect/ProjectNot applicable
what we did...

At Midbrook Steel Buildings, we take pride in our ability to deliver unmatched quality in steel-framed building projects tailored to our clients’ needs. Our recent collaboration with Marks Specialised Transport highlights our commitment to innovation and quality in the commercial steel building sector. This case study highlights how our steel-framed building solution transformed their operations for the better. 


Client Overview

Marks Specialised Transport, a prominent player in the transportation sector based in Lincoln, approached us with a unique challenge. They needed a bespoke steel-framed building that could seamlessly integrate offices, vehicle repair facilities, and storage space while meeting stringent quality standards and budget constraints.

Project Scope

Understanding the client’s requirements, we began designing a steel-framed building that would exceed their expectations. Key features included three insulated roller shutter doors, aluminium windows, PA doors, and a strategically planned mezzanine floor area to optimise usable space.

Technical Specifications

The dimensions of the steel-framed building were designed to be 12m x 20m with an eaves height of 5.3m, ensuring ample room for various operational activities. The building was engineered for durability, functionality, and energy efficiency, incorporating insulated features to enhance thermal performance.

Execution and Collaboration

Throughout the project, collaboration with Marks Specialised Transport was paramount. Regular consultations and progress updates ensured the alignment of objectives and seamless execution. By leveraging our expertise and resources, we navigated challenges efficiently, delivering results that surpassed expectations.

Results and Benefits

The completed steel-framed building not only met but exceeded Marks Specialised Transport’s requirements. Our solution provided a secure and efficient environment for their operations, with enhanced thermal efficiency contributing to cost savings. Additionally, the modern design and functional layout enhanced the facility’s aesthetic appeal and operational efficiency.


In conclusion, our collaboration with Marks Specialised Transport exemplifies our dedication to driving efficiency and innovation in the construction industry. By delivering tailored solutions that prioritise quality and client satisfaction, Midbrook Steel Buildings continues to set the benchmark for excellence in commercial steel building projects.