Commercial Steel Building for Renewable Energy Manufacturers

CustomerCambridge Biopower Ltd
Building UsageStorage
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design Team
what we did...
“Need a building quickly?”

Cambridge Biopower Ltd is a commercial company based in Peterborough, UK. They needed a new steel framed building for storage purposes and required it quickly. Midbrook Steel Buildings took on the challenge!

The steel framed building’s dimensions were 9m x 20m x 5m to eaves and we were tasked with supplying and fitting a steel framed structure. We were given a deadline of four weeks from the initial enquiry to complete the steel building project.

To meet the tight deadline, we utilised our robust galvanized steel frame that could be bolted directly down to a concrete slab. The construction process was made easier by the good access and safe working conditions on the site and we were able to erect the steel framed building in just one week.

Our team worked diligently and completed the steel building project within the deadline, much to the satisfaction of our client. Cambridge Biopower Ltd was thrilled with the finished result and the project as a whole, which was completed quickly and efficiently without compromising on quality.

Our work for Cambridge Biopower Ltd showcases Midbrook Steel Buildings’ ability to deliver high-quality construction solutions within tight timelines while ensuring the safety of our team members and the clients’ satisfaction.

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