Helicopter Hangar Steel Framed Building

Central Helicopters’ New Helicopter Hangar: Steel Building Project


Helicopter in front of steel building

At Midbrook Steel Buildings, we are thrilled to share some exciting news with you! The helicopter hangar building for our valued client, Central Helicopters is nearing completion. We’re proud to have been a part of this brilliant project from start to finish, so much so, that we’d love to share further insight into this venture.

Beyond The Steel Framed Building

The scope of our involvement went beyond just the steel framed building itself. We were entrusted with handling the design, supply and installation of the groundworks, drainage and car parking. It has been an incredible opportunity to showcase our expertise in providing comprehensive construction solutions.

Helicopter Hangar Steel Frame Building

Why Midbrook Steel Buildings?

One of the key factors that led Central Helicopters to choose us again for this steel building project was the satisfaction they experienced with our previous collaboration. In that instance, we had undertaken the steelwork for an extension on their existing reception/hangar building that was supplied by a different steel building company. Our team seamlessly matched the extension and the new steel framed building to the previous design, ensuring consistency in the steel structure. This demonstrated Midbrook’s commitment to delivering high-quality results and our ability to meet our client’s specific requirements.

“Helicopters”-Eye View Birds-eye view of Helicopter Hangar Steel Framed Buildings

To truly appreciate the magnificence of the helicopter hangar steel building, we invite you to take a moment to admire the brilliant aerial shot captured by Central Helicopters – The perks of having helicopters on-site!

Collaborating with Central Helicopters has been an absolute pleasure for our team at Midbrook Steel Buildings. The trust and confidence they have placed in us to bring their vision to life has been immensely rewarding. We are eagerly looking forward to the possibility of working together again in the future.

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Image Source: Central Helicopters