Biomass Storage Steel-Framed Building

CustomerWalled Gardens Power Company
SectorWaste Recycling
Building UsageBiomass Storage
ClientEnd User
Architect/ProjectNot applicable
what we did...

Walled Gardens Power Company, a prominent player in the waste recycling sector, approached us with a specific requirement for a biomass storage steel-framed building in York. The company sought a comprehensive solution encompassing the construction of a reinforced concrete raft foundation, a robust steel-framed building measuring 15m x 30m with a height of 5m to the eaves, complete with full insulation and a 1m course of brickwork. Moreover, the client expressed the need for three additional steel-framed buildings to accommodate their expanding operations effectively.

Project Execution

Upon understanding the client’s requirements, our team planned and executed the steel building project to deliver a tailored solution that aligned with Walled Gardens Power Company’s objectives. The project commenced with the construction of a reinforced concrete raft foundation, ensuring a solid base for the steel-framed building.

Steel-Framed Building Construction

The steel-framed building, designed to serve as a biomass storage facility, was meticulously constructed according to the client’s specifications. With dimensions of 15m x 30m and a height of 5m to the eaves, the building was engineered to withstand the rigours of industrial usage while providing ample storage space for biomass materials.

Insulation and Brickwork

Recognising the importance of insulation for maintaining optimal conditions within the storage facility, our team integrated comprehensive insulation measures into the building design. This ensured temperature regulation and protection of stored biomass materials. Additionally, a 1m course of brickwork was incorporated into the structure, enhancing its durability and aesthetic appeal.

Expansion Programme

In anticipation of Walled Gardens Power Company’s expansion programme, we proactively constructed three additional steel-framed buildings. These buildings were strategically positioned to facilitate seamless operations and accommodate the growing demands of the client’s business.


Through our expertise in steel-framed building construction and commitment to meeting client requirements, we successfully delivered a bespoke Biomass Storage Steel Building solution for Walled Gardens Power Company in York. The completed project not only fulfils the immediate needs of the client but also provides a foundation for future growth and expansion. At every stage of the steel-framed building project, our focus remained on quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction, reaffirming our position as a trusted partner in the construction industry.