Bespoke Steel Building for Bookham Rifle Club

CustomerBookham Rifle Club
Building UsageClubroom & Rifle Range
ClientBookham Rifle Club Direct
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design Team
what we did...

Bookham Rifle Club, a community-focused organisation, sought to enhance its facilities by constructing a new clubroom and rifle range. They contacted and chose Midbrook Steel Buildings to undertake their bespoke steel building project. Despite facing unique challenges, Midbrook’s dedicated team successfully executed the task, delivering a bespoke steel building that met the club’s needs efficiently.


Challenges Faced

Bespoke Design: The steel building project demanded a highly customised design to accommodate the specific requirements of the rifle club, adding complexity to the construction process.

Difficult Site Access: Access to the construction site posed a significant challenge due to its remote location or restricted entry points, requiring innovative solutions to transport materials and equipment.

Midbrook’s Solution

Expert Groundworks: Midbrook took charge of the groundworks, laying the foundation for the steel building with precision and efficiency, ensuring a stable base for construction.

Supply and Fit of Steelwork and Cladding: As per the contract, Midbrook provided and installed the steel building, meticulously adhering to the bespoke design specifications outlined by the client.

Project Management: Midbrook’s experienced team managed the project adeptly, overcoming obstacles and ensuring smooth progress despite the challenging circumstances.

Commitment to Quality: Despite the challenges, Midbrook remained committed to delivering a high-quality end product, maintaining the integrity of the structure and meeting industry standards.


Despite the hurdles encountered during the steel building project, Midbrook Steel Buildings successfully completed the construction of the clubroom and rifle range for Bookham Rifle Club. The finished steel building not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations, providing a durable and functional space for the club members to gather and practice their sport.



Midbrook Steel Buildings’ collaboration with Bookham Rifle Club exemplifies their expertise in delivering tailored solutions even in the face of challenging circumstances. Through thorough planning, innovative problem-solving, and unwavering commitment to quality, Midbrook ensured the successful realisation of the club’s vision, leaving behind a lasting legacy for the community.