Alphaweld Gym - Mezzanine Floor Case Study
SECTOR Welding & Fabrication
LOCATION Derbyshire


Midbrook Mezzanine Floors supplied a new mezzanine floor for our client, Alphaweld, a welding and fabrication manufacturer. The project involved installing a mezzanine floor for one of Alphaweld’s clients, which was a small gym. The mezzanine flooring was required to create more space for the new gym.

The project started with Midbrook Mezzanine Floors conducting a site survey to assess the available space and to understand Alphaweld’s requirements for the mezzanine floor. Once the survey was completed, the team at Midbrook Mezzanine Floors designed a bespoke mezzanine floor that would meet Alphaweld’s needs.

The mezzanine floor was constructed using high-quality steel and was designed to be strong and durable, capable of supporting the weight of gym equipment and people. The installation process took 2-3 days and involved the Midbrook Mezzanine Floors team working closely with Alphaweld to ensure that the project was completed to their satisfaction. The installation process involved erecting the steel framework, laying the mezzanine floor panels, and installing the necessary safety features, such as handrails and access stairs.

Once the installation was complete, Alphaweld was left with a brand new mezzanine floor that met their exact requirements. The project was a success and Midbrook Mezzanine Floors delivered a high-quality mezzanine floor to our client within the agreed timeframe. The project highlights Midbrook Mezzanine Floors’ commitment to providing bespoke solutions that meet our client’s unique needs while also delivering high-quality products and services.