Benefits of Cold Rolled Steel Portal Framed Buildings

Steady growth of Cold Rolled portal framed buildings

Traditionally in the UK the majority of steel structures have been constructed using the old method of hot rolled steel I beam sections, which are bolted to bolt boxes using a pad style foundation. Over the last twenty years there has been considerable growth in the less traditional method of using galvanised cold rolled steel for the main portal; a method that when designed and engineered professionally is becoming more widely accepted an innovative and cost-effective option going forward.

Reduced construction time on site

Typically speaking, due to the lightweight nature of the steel columns, the framework can be erected more speedily than a traditional I beam, while in the majority of cases there is no need to hire cranes as the majority of structures can be erected using only a telehandler. With brackets pre-drilled, the steel erectors can be quickly assembled onto the main parts of these steel buildings. The reduction in time on site with the help of an efficient and professional team can greatly reduce costs for the end user, which is a boon that nobody can afford to overlook.

cold rolled steel buildings

Faster Manufacturing Processes

Once detailed drawings have been issued, the processes required to enable the computerised manufacturing process are quicker than for all other methods. The high tensile nature of cold rolled steel ensures its durability and strength, but comes with the added advantage, both in terms of time and labour going forward, of weighing significantly less than hot rolled alternatives.

Reduction in Transportation costs

The lightweight galvanised cold rolled sections are easier to transport as they can be stored in compact loads, reducing the need for large deliveries on site and the coming and going of enormous lorries, which in itself enhances the environmental credentials of the product.

Versatility for a range of uses

The use of galvanised cold rolled steel in industrial buildings is applicable to a plethora of sectors, including domestic garaging solutions, industrial, commercial, community and agricultural sectors. Anyone requiring a new building in these sectors can potentially benefit from this quickly assembled high quality product.

Make sure you do your homework

Like many products on offer for sale throughout the world, it is important to do a little homework and research into suppliers as there are different levels of quality on offer in the UK marketplace alone. Make sure that you are fully cognisant of where the steel is coming from, ensuring that it is CE marked, as well as acquiring independent references prior to placing any orders.