Tyre storage steel framed building warehouse

BAB Motors Tyre Storage Steel Building Warehouse

CustomerBAB Motors
Building UsageTyre Storage Warehouse
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design Team
what we did...

This case study highlights the successful completion of a new tyre storage warehouse project by Midbrook Steel Buildings for our client, BAB Motors Ltd. It showcases the positive feedback received from BAB Motors and highlights the comprehensive range of services provided by Midbrook as a complete turnkey solution steel building provider. The case study emphasises our commitment to delivering exceptional steel framed building solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

Client Overview

BAB Motors Ltd is a local business that required a new double-storey warehouse to cater to their growing tyre storage needs. They approached Midbrook Steel Buildings to undertake the project, based on their reputation as a trusted steel framed building supplier.

Project Overview

Midbrook Steel Buildings was responsible for providing a comprehensive range of services for the tyre storage warehouse steel building project. These services included demolition, groundworks, structural steelwork, cladding, mezzanine floors and fire protection – the project aimed to deliver a functional and aesthetically pleasing warehouse that met BAB Motors’ requirements.

Client Testimonial

“Midbrook buildings have yet again exceeded our expectations with our new double-storey warehouse. Timing was on point, and the staff were very polite. The entire process was a stress-free adventure. The end result is fantastic, and we can’t thank you enough for all your hard work. We can’t recommend you enough to our local businesses.”

Midbrook’s Approach

As a full turnkey solution provider, Midbrook Steel Buildings demonstrated our ability to handle all aspects of the steel framed building project, from start to finish. Our expertise in demolition, groundworks, structural steelwork, cladding, mezzanine floors and fire protection ensured a seamless and efficient process.


The team at Midbrook Steel Buildings are grateful to BAB Motors Ltd for the opportunity to work on this exciting steel framed building project. The positive feedback received from BAB Motors is a testament to Midbrook Steel Buildings dedication and commitment to providing exceptional steel building solutions.

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