Agricultural Steel Framed Building

Agricultural Steel Framed Building

Building UsageAgricultural
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
what we did...

Midbrook Steel Buildings was contracted to design and construct a custom agricultural steel framed building for a client in Bournemouth. This case study outlines Midbrook’s successful completion of the project, including groundworks, steel frame fabrication and installation and the delivery of a fully insulated building.


The client, operating in the agricultural sector, required a reliable and durable steel building to support their agricultural activities in Bournemouth. Recognising Midbrook Steel Buildings’ expertise in steel construction, the client entrusted them with the task of designing and erecting a bespoke agricultural steel framed building.


Midbrook Steel Buildings commenced the project by conducting comprehensive groundworks. This involved various essential tasks, including the installation of a block and beam floor, reinforced slab detailing and the implementation of drainage systems. These groundwork activities laid the foundation for a structurally sound and functional agricultural steel building.

Steel Frame Design and Fabrication

With the groundwork completed, Midbrook’s design team developed a custom steel frame design tailored to the client’s specific requirements. Leveraging our extensive knowledge of agricultural buildings, we incorporated features to ensure optimal functionality and efficiency.

The steel frame building was fabricated using hot rolled steel, a versatile and reliable material known for its strength and durability. Midbrook’s skilled fabrication team meticulously manufactured the steel components, adhering to stringent quality standards to ensure the highest level of craftsmanship.

Insulated Steel Frame Building

Midbrook Steel Buildings supplied and erected a fully insulated steel framed building. The insulation played a vital role in maintaining a favourable interior environment, protecting agricultural equipment and preserving agricultural produce.

By providing an insulated structure, Midbrook ensured that the building remained thermally efficient, reducing energy consumption and creating a comfortable working environment for the client. This feature also contributed to the longevity of the steel frame building, safeguarding it against harsh weather conditions and temperature fluctuations.


The successful completion of the agricultural steel framed building in Bournemouth demonstrates Midbrook Steel Buildings’ commitment to providing tailored and efficient solutions in the agricultural sector. Through our expertise in groundworks, steel frame fabrication and insulation, we delivered a durable and energy-efficient structure, meeting the client’s specific requirements.

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