Green steel framed building

A New Steel-Framed Building for Papplewick Farms!

CustomerPapplewick Farms
Building UsageFarm Machinery Storage
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
what we did...

Client Background

Papplewick Farms, approached Midbrook Steel Buildings seeking solutions for a new steel-framed building to house their farm machinery. The client required a durable and efficient building to accommodate their needs, with specific requirements for accommodating solar panels on the roof. The client relied on Midbrook’s expertise to guide them through the process, given their limited knowledge of steel frame buildings.


Challenges and Objectives

1. Design a steel-framed building capable of housing farm machinery.
2. Ensure the roof design could support the weight of solar panels.
3. Provide pricing options for various building sizes and cladding options.
4. Deliver and install the building according to client specifications and preferences.

Midbrook Steel Buildings’ Approach

Upon receiving the initial enquiry from Papplewick Farms, Midbrook Steel Buildings engaged in a thorough consultation to understand the client’s requirements and preferences. We provided comprehensive pricing options for different building sizes and cladding choices, offering guidance on the implications of insulated cladding versus single skin cladding.

Additionally, Midbrook Steel Buildings collaborated closely with the client to design a robust steel-framed building capable of supporting solar panels on the roof. Throughout the process, we offered expert advice and support, leveraging our industry knowledge to address any client concerns or uncertainties.

Execution and Outcome

Papplewick Farms decided to proceed with Midbrook Steel Buildings for the supply, delivery, and installation of the building. Despite the challenges posed by adverse weather conditions and site conditions, the Midbrook team demonstrated exceptional professionalism and dedication. The client expressed satisfaction with Dave Fuller’s performance on-site, highlighting his positive representation of Midbrook Steel Buildings and his effective communication throughout the installation process.

Ultimately, Papplewick Farms achieved their goal of acquiring a high-quality steel-framed building that met their requirements for housing farm machinery and supporting solar panels. The successful completion of the project within the stipulated timeline and budget further highlighted Midbrook Steel Buildings’ commitment to customer satisfaction and expertise in delivering tailored solutions for our clients’ needs.


Key Takeaways

  • Effective communication and collaboration are crucial in understanding and meeting client requirements.
  • Providing comprehensive guidance and expertise is key to ensuring our clients feel confident in putting their trust in us.
  • Exceptional on-site performance and professionalism enhance client satisfaction.

In conclusion, our client was delighted with our services and pleased they chose us after a prolonged period of deliberation. They needed a steel building company that could take charge and lead the project from inception to completion, and we delivered precisely that. If you require a steel-framed building, whether standalone or with comprehensive services including groundworks, planning permission, and mezzanine floors, we’ve got you covered.

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