Upgrading Exeter Cricket Club’s Groundsman Storage Steel Building

CustomerMidas Construction
Building UsageGroundsman Storage Building
ClientExeter Cricket Club
Architect/ProjectLHC Group
what we did...

Exeter Cricket Club, nestled in the heart of the city, required a new groundsman storage steel building as part of their ongoing enhancements. This steel frame building project was undertaken in collaboration with Midas Construction and Midbrook Steel Buildings where we were tasked to supply and install the essential steel framework and cladding.

Client Background

Exeter Cricket Club, a vital hub for local cricket enthusiasts, sought to improve their facilities to better support the needs of their grounds staff. With a focus on durability and functionality, the club aimed to replace its ageing groundsman shed with a modern structure.

Challenges Faced

The project presented several challenges, including the need to seamlessly integrate the new steel building into the existing landscape while ensuring it met the specific requirements of the grounds staff. Additionally, adhering to tight deadlines and budget constraints was paramount to the success of the project.

Solution Provided by Midbrook Steel Buildings

Midbrook Steel Buildings, leaders in constructing robust and efficient steel buildings, was entrusted with the task. The scope of work encompassed multiple facets, including the construction of a reinforced concrete slab, the installation of drainage systems, and the provision of top-quality steelwork and cladding.

Execution Process

Under the overarching project managed by Midas Construction, Midbrook Steel Buildings meticulously executed each phase of the construction process. Beginning with the groundwork, we laid a solid foundation by constructing a reinforced concrete slab, ensuring stability and longevity for the new storage steel building.

Results Achieved

Through thorough planning and precise execution, Midbrook Steel Buildings successfully delivered a state-of-the-art groundsman storage building for Exeter Cricket Club. The new structure not only meets the club’s immediate storage needs but also promises longevity and durability, thanks to the high-quality materials and expert craftsmanship employed in its construction.


The collaboration between Exeter Cricket Club, Midas Construction, and Midbrook Steel Buildings exemplifies the importance of teamwork and expertise in achieving successful project outcomes. By leveraging our respective strengths, the parties involved have not only upgraded the club’s facilities but have also laid the groundwork for future enhancements. The new groundsman storage building stands as a testament to the commitment to quality and innovation shared by all stakeholders involved in this exciting project.