grey large steel framed building

Maintenance Storage Steel Framed Buildings for Kier

SectorHighways Authority
Building UsageStorage of Machinery
LocationVarious sites throughout the UK
what we did...

This case study highlights the successful collaboration between Kier Highways Authority and Midbrook Steel Buildings in the construction of maintenance storage steel framed buildings across multiple locations in the UK. The project showcases how Midbrook Steel Buildings’ expertise in steel construction, along with their comprehensive scope of work, met Kier’s requirements for durable and functional storage facilities for their machinery.

Steelwork: Midbrook provided the necessary steel framework for the steel buildings, ensuring structural integrity and durability.
Cladding: Midbrook installed high-quality cladding to protect the steel buildings from the elements and provide a weatherproof enclosure.
Roller Shutter Doors: The supply and commissioning of roller shutter doors were included, allowing convenient access to the storage facilities.
PA Doors: Midbrook also provided and installed all personnel access (PA) doors to ensure secure entry and exit points.

In conclusion, the steel framed building projects across the UK were a huge success. Midbrook Steel Buildings met all of Kier’s requirements on time and within their budget. Kier are delighted with their new durable and functional storage facilities. The result was a series of well-designed and reliable steel framed buildings that provided secure storage space for Kier’s machinery and equipment, supporting their maintenance operations across the UK.

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