Case Studies

Building UsageAgricultural
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
what we did...
Midbrook were contracted to carry out groundworks including block and beam floor and reinforced slab detail and drainage. Fully insulated structure and steelwork frame was fabricated and supplied using hot rolled steel.


Building UsageBiomass Plant Room
Architect/ProjectClient Led
what we did...
To supply & fit a mono pitch design insulated steel frame building with openings created for necessary pipework, including double door.


Building UsageParts Storage
LocationNorth London
Architect/ProjectClient Led
what we did...
We were instructed to find a solution to maximise the space of this site by way of a mono pitch extension. We were contracted to supply structural steelwork & design and insulated cladding.


Building UsageOffices & Warehousing/Trade Counter
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
what we did...
Midbrook were appointed to carry out the planning, groundworks & drainage, steelwork, cladding and aluminium windows on this project. Building dimensions were 15m x 30m with an eaves height of just over 6m.


Building UsageProduction
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
what we did...
Midbrook were employed to carry out the construction of a reinforced concrete slab and additional roadway and drainage works. The building dimensions were 11m x 30m with an eaves height of 6m, clad with insulated panels. Additional re-cladding works were carried out to other buildings on the site as part of the project.


Building UsageChemical Storage & Offices
Architect/ProjectClient Led
what we did...
Our brief was to supply a complete package, including, groundworks & drainage, mezzanine, flooring, handrails and escape stairs, insulated cladding and rollers utter door.


CustomerHoliday Park
Building UsageHoliday Park Clubhouse
LocationSouth East Coast
Architect/ProjectClient Led
what we did...
Supply a galvanised cold rolled steel frame with a hot rolled propped portal, approx. dimensions 0f 34m x 60 m and 25m x 29m with an eaves height of 3.2m, designed and engineered by Midbrook. Insulated anthracite cladding supplied and fixed horizontally on the sides.


CustomerMiddleton Railway
Building UsageTrain Storage
ClientMiddleton Railway
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design
what we did...
Supply groundworks and building package for charitable trust, single skin sheeting open sided on one side, eaves height 4.5m.


CustomerVillage Hall, Peldon
Building UsageRecreational
ClientEnd User
Architect/ProjectNot applicable
what we did...
Our broad range of building uses is demonstrated with the erection of the structural steelwork for a new village hall facility in Peldon. The Steelwork has been erected within in a week, with Roof cladding and brickwork to follow.


CustomerTarget Statical
Building UsageOffices & Material Store
ClientTarget Statical
what we did...
Following our initial site survey our client opted to take advantage of our quotation to carry out the groundworks and to supply and fit the building. This building was offered with a horizontal shiplap cladding. Midbrook Steel Buildings were contracted to carry out the supply and fit of the main frame and roof and wall cladding, whilst the internal work was carried out by others.


CustomerWilfreda Beehive
Building UsageBus Wash Building
ClientWilfreda Beehive
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design Team
what we did...
Midbrook carried out a site survey and submitted a planning application on their behalf, as well as obtaining a flood risk assessment as part of the application. Midbrook constructed pad foundations and a concrete slab for the control room lean to structure. Midbrook’s steel erection team supplied & fitted steelwork and single skin cladding.


CustomerGeorge Lines Builders Merchants
Building UsageMaterial Storage & Staff Canteen
ClientGeorge Lines Builders Merchants
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design Team
what we did...
Following on from our initial site survey, Midbrook were appointed to take on the full project management of the new building. Midbrook’s in house planning specialist took care of all the planning work and organisation of a specialist flood risk assessment and level survey. Working on a restrictive busy site, Midbrook carried out the groundworks and associated drainage works, supplied and fitted the steelwork for the main structure and mezzanine flooring, insulated cladding and internal and external blockwork. In addition, Midbrook carried out first and second fix joinery work and mechanical and electrical works.


CustomerCollyers Nurseries
Building UsageCoffee Shop
ClientCollyers Nurseries
Architect/ProjectMidbrook Design Team
what we did...
Midbrook had been recommended by some past clients and were approached by Collyers to design an eye catching and cost effective design for their new venture at their garden centre on the outskirts of Derby. Midbrook were able to come up with a solution using a steel stud & track framing system. Dimensions of the building were approximately 8m x 18m with a natural horizontal larch cladding. Midbrook’s scope of works for this project included: groundworks & drainage, main steel frame, insulated roof cladding timber wall cladding and the internal insulation and plasterboarding. The rest of the internal work was carried out by others.


CustomerStroods Specialist Contractors
Building UsageDog Training Building
ClientWrittle College
Architect/ProjectEmptage Architects
what we did...
The scope of works for this project for Midbrook was to supply and fit the main steelwork for the building and insulated cladding. Concrete slab and masonry work was carried out by others. The building dimensions were 12.4m x 28m and just over 6m to the eaves.


CustomerMidas Construction
Building UsageGroundsman Storage Building
ClientExeter Cricket Club
Architect/ProjectLHC Group
what we did...
A part of a larger project for main contractor Midas Construction, Midbrook were asked to supply Exeter Cricket Club with a replacement groundsman shed. Midbrook’s scope of work involved the construction of a new reinforced concrete slab and associated drainage work, and the supply and fit of the steelwork and cladding.